Talkative Taylor

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life Unexpected

Ok ok ok, I know I'm terrible at blogging. I think it's fun and all, but I just can't get myself to do it. A LOT has happened and changed in the my life over the past 4 months. I will give an update in 3 different parts (meaning 3 different postings)... This is Part A: The General Update
SUMMER 2010 was pretty great! Nothing spectacular, but it was good. I worked full-time as the School-Age teacher at Sunrise Preschool. I had 20 kids between the ages of 5 and 11 Monday-Friday, 8 hours a day. It was fun but exhausting. I got to really experience having my OWN classroom: planning activities, creating classroom management, and trying to be "the cool teacher". We went on a lot of awesome field trips! Peter Piper Pizza, Pecos Park playing in the water fountains, going to the movie theater, the children's museum, and the Sea Life Aquariam (SO BOMB!). Overall, it was a great experience for my future teaching career. I've been fortunate enough to have been working at Sunrise Preschool for over 2 years and getting such wonderful experience with teaching children.
Now here comes what I like to call, a grocery list of updates...
My friend Hannah Meister was baptized in June. It was a wonderful oppurtunity for me to be apart of her conversion and watch her accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our friend Jordan Hunter baptized her and it was overall just an amazing day!
Elder Hopper and Elder Egbert came home from their missions in July. Alex on the 14th and Steven on the 15th. It was so awesome to talk to them about their missions and hang out with them before they left for BYU.
Elder Evans came home on July 16th from the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission. I can't believe those 2 years flew by so quickly! He's now at BYU-I having fun and working hard.
The wonderful Jordan Hunter took some us on a short trip to his grandparent's cabin near Show Low. Even though it was short, it was fun to escape the Phoenix heat and spend time with friends.My little brother A.J. is now an Eagle Scout. Can you say STUD??? (Smart. Talented. Unique. DORKY)
I went to the John Mayer concert on August 15th with my family and good friend Aubreigh Brunschwig. He is so AMAZING and TALENTED. I just love him, ok? Tattoes, wife-beater, and all!And of course, I was able to squeeze in a super awesome lake trip with some good friends :)
That was the end of Summer 2010! And now I'm just "living the sweet life": working part-time and playing the rest of the time... more to be updated later. BUT here's a small preview of "living the sweet life". I am practicing to be the next Beyonce, but I think Jarrett is going to beat me too it. (Video posted on Facebook)

I honestly love my life and I thank the Lord every day for the constant happiness I feel :)


  1. I'm so excited you updated your blog!!! :D
    You are looking so good Taylor. for real

  2. you're amazing & i definitely think you'll be the next Beyonce :)