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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Time flies when you're having... fun?

Has it really been 4 months since I last updated this? I kinda suck at this blog thing... I've been meaning to update it for awhile. Maybe I'll be better when I'm married with kids.... HAH, yeah right!

So, here's the update from the last 4 months

Mac and Mark came home from their missions (Mark at the end of February and Mac on March 1st). It really was SO FUN having them home for a couple of months. It gave me enough time to rebond, get attached, and then have my heart broken when they left for BYU at the end of April. Now they are living the "Returned Missionary BYU Life" and are too cool for me.... just kidding. I really do miss them though :(

Then there was Spring Break '10 .... wooo weeee. I stayed in town for the week, picked up a some hours at work, and had a nice time staying out late, sleeping in, and procrastinating homework. However, Spring Break '10 will always be remembered by a certain event. To make a long story short, I was driving my dad's truck one day. I met with Alyssa and Jenny for sushi, and then we decided to go to our friend Sean Keeney's bonfire for his birthday. I decided to drive because it seemed logical to drive a truck instead of Jenny's jetta. We drove all the way out to Maricopa, took a road that led us outside Maricopa, and then turned onto some desert land and drove for a good mile or so out to the middle of nowhere. To spare the pain of bad memories... I blew two tires that night. Thanks to the awesome people we were with, we were able to make it back home. Needless to say.... I am no longer allowed to drive my dad's truck.

Well, Spring Break ended and a few weeks later I turned 21!!!!!!!!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!! It seriously was the BEST birthday (okay, it maybe ties with my 16th and 18th birthdays). Anyway, that day I had class from 930-1230, but after class, I went with a group of girls from school to Paradise Bakery for lunch. Then, I went home, took a nap and after my nap, I went and got a manicure and pedicure with Jenny. After, I got ready for dinner with 21 friends at Loco Patron for Taco Tuesday. The party then continued to my house for cake and presents. Then, there was the after after party on Mill Ave. I must say, it was pretty exciting to whip out my ID and be allowed to go anywhere :) My birthday ended with Jenny and me singing Lady Gaga karaoke at Fat Tuesday, meeting some guys from England, and staying out until 4 in the morning. I can honestly say being 21 has been so so so fun :)
A week after my birthday I started a diet called hCG and wanted to cry after the first day :( That week also consisted of festivities for Candace's wedding!!!!!!!!!

She was such a beautiful bride. I can't believe we're getting so old!!
Well, April continued to be CONSUMED WITH SCHOOL WORK... not even joking! I think I cried like every day. Being a teacher is a lot harder than you think!!!!
The end of April was celebrated by the return of my Australian missionary mate, Richard Harkey

Having your friends come home from their missions is the best!!!!!!!!
Well the Spring '10 Semester from HELL ended at the beginning of May. I can't tell you how much I am loving NO HOMEWORK and NO MEAN TEACHERS!!!!!!! This past school year has been the most challenging, time consuming, and exhausting I have ever had. College was a breeze until this past year. Thank goodness there is only one year left. But do I really want to enter the real world? Nope, not yet!
However, the beginning of May brought some sad tears. My great-grandpa past away, so my mom and I spent the week in Farmington, New Mexico getting my grandma out of the hospital, attending my grandpa's funeral, and getting my grandma settled in a nursing home. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, it was so wonderful spending time with my family. It was really an eye-opening experience in many aspects of my life. I feel like I learned a lot about the importance of family, family history, the gospel, eternal life, the priesthood, missionary work, etc.

I just love my family...
Well anyway, coming back home from New Mexico was welcomed to work. I am now the School-Age teacher at Sunrise Preschool and it's been so fun and so exhausting. That's pretty much all I do now... work and play
The end of May also brough home another missionary friend! This time from Italy!
Yes, that is right, Jared is back!!!! But his time home was short! He leaves for the summer semester at BYU tomorrow morning. Bye Jared!
Now, the excitement is for Alex Egbert's return on July 14th, Steven Hopper's return on July 15th, and my best friend, Brett Evans' return on July 16th. I can't believe Brett comes home in a month! These 2 years have seriously FLOWN by!
Well friends, I think that is officially the sparks notes update on the life of Taylor Smith! In the past 4 months I've had tears, lots of laughter, lots of fun, lots of "adult" experiences, and some starvation (17 pounds lost baby!)

Until next time....
Peace and Love,
Tay :)


  1. hahaha! "bye jared"
    I can't believe all these boys coming home!

    you might have to elaborate on those "adult experiences" lol

  2. You really do sound like you're having a lot of fun!!! Yay for all those missionaries coming home! So fun. We should hang out sometime!