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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Life Unexpected (Part 2): The Many Adventures of Taylor

As I promised, here is the 2nd update in my life...

I had the opportunity to take a few little vacations and travel to visit my dear friends and spend time with my family. My traveling adventures began at the end of September as I hopped on a plane to Colorado to visit my beautiful friend, Alyssa.

As a tradition (well, for only 2 years now), we did our own amateur photoshoot on the BEAUTIFUL CSU campus. Here's one of Alyssa's works...

My visit to Colorado was 5 days and 4 nights. I seriously had so much fun, even though it wasn't as wild and crazy as my last visit. We mostly watched movies and our favorite TV show "The OC". I believe this picture fully depicts my typical agenda visiting my BFF Lyss. Movies and popcorn!

On the 5th day of my trip, I hopped on a plane from Denver to Salt Lake City. Once I landed, it was a non-stop party! I had so much fun seeing ALL my friends. On my first full day on the BYU campus was on Wednesday. I slept in, had lunch with Mac Cobb, Mark Fletcher, & Andrea Morris, ran errands with Steven Hopper, had dinner with Jared Tate, Alex & Johnny Egbert, and hung out with my old friend Paul Rasmussen. The next day I slept in, went grocery shop with Ren (Wakefield) Noorda, shopped at the BYU Bookstore, had dinner at Cafe Rio with Brad McMullin, and then hung out with some people at Mac & Mark's apartment. Friday, I slept in (see the running theme?), went to lunch with Ren & Chris Noorda and their friends Ryan & Chad, then I tagged along on their EMS shift. When that ended, I went with Andrea to pick up Alyssa who drove from CO to UT with a group of people. We ate dinner and then met up with all our friends. It was an awesome high school reunion :) Here's a picture of our Friday evening (Mac was up ahead a little hiding in the bushes)

Saturday was conference. For the morning session, Ren & Chris, their friend Chad, and I made a nice big breakfast and watched the session. Brett Evans came over for lunch and the afternoon session. After conference was over for the day, Brett left and the 4 of us went to the park and played frisbee. Let's just say I suck.......... Here's a picture of us at the park...My amazing hosts Chris and Ren Noorda, me, and their friend Chad.

All the boys went to the Priesthood session, so me, Ren, and Mackenzie Daniels did some girl shopping. We met up with Alyssa and Andrea at Noodles for dinner. Then we ended the night at Mac and Mark's apartment. Below is one of many picture attempts from that night....

Sunday was conference. After the morning session, I headed up to Salt Lake with Steven, Mackenzie, and Brett. We spent a little time with our other friends outside the temple. It was so fun to experience conference with my friends! It was also my first time at a live session of conference. It was so amazing. I am so grateful we have a prophet on the earth today!

The Salt Lake Temple is so BEAUTIFUL. We got to walk around Temple Square for a little afterwards. I even ran into my friend Audrey Crandell who is serving a mission in Temple Square. It was weird calling her Sister Crandell. Anyway, my amazing trip came to an end and I flew back to Phoenix.

I was home for about a week and then it was Fall Break. My family and I took a very nice vacation to San Diego. Jenny tried to come to with us as you can see....

As our last family vacation for a while, we stayed on Coronado Island at the Hotel Del Coronado. Beach right outside our balacony, access to private pools & spas, and amazing food right down the street. The only downside is that we didn't see the sun :(

On Thursday morning, my mom, dad, and I drove to La Jolla and went to the San Diego Temple for a session.

It seriously was an amazing experience. I love being able to share something special like that with my parents. One day soon my brother will be able to join us and it'll be even more special!
Isn't just so beautiful? We're the itty bitty people at the bottom...

We didn't do much while we were there. Our daily schedule was always "whatever". We slept in, walked on the beach, chilled in the hot tub, ate delicious food, shopped, and slept some more. It was super relaxing and super fun.

I also did some soul searching on the beach. There were a few times I went out and sat on the beach all by myself. I didn't hate it one bit!

This is where you'd usually find my dad: asleep in a lounge chair and facing the ocean...

Thank you Mom and Dad for such an amazing trip. So many good memories made!
I'm living such a rough life huh? Hah! Many adventures and many more to come!!!

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